About Us

Aery Jo Academy
Aery Jo Academy is a professional make up academy that teaches a unique combination of Korean and International technical skills. We also upgrade and provide the latest information of make up trend.Our Academy will provide both theory and practical training. Students will e given the opportunity to work outdoor activities with Professional on exciting events. Such as studio make over, movies shooting, fashion, bridal and makeup show and international competition.

Upon completion of the desire make up courses, students are equip with an impressive portfolio that are essential for their make up career. (International Certificate are also available)

The Principle and all our renowned make up Artists are talented, creative and experienced. Aery Jo Academy is renowned as School of Beauty & Arts.

Aery Jo 学院是间专业美容彩妆学院. 此学院提供专业独特教材,混合与韩国及国际性化妆技巧,我们不但提升化妆界水准并提供最新潮流美容彩妆资讯.

我们学院提供理论及实习训练, 学生也将会有机会参与户外的专业彩妆活动, 例如: 摄影造型, 电影彩妆, 模特儿彩妆秀, 新娘彩妆秀及国际彩妆比赛.