Professional Artist Upgrade Course

Professional Artist Upgrade

This advance makeup course is perfect for individual who want to refine their makeup technique to next level and want a more comprehensive knowledge base to redefine their position in their makeup artist career. Exploring practical and theoretical aspect of technical and creative artistry, students will develop their confidence while learning at an in depth level.

专业彩妆深造课程是给学生想要改进他们的化妆技术达到更高一层境界.并希望有一个更全面的彩妆知识基础.重新确定知己在彩妆事业的位置, 让知己的职业生涯更加完美.深索实践和理论方面的技术和创造性的技艺, 学生将制定自己的信心, 同时在学习的深度级别.
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