Makeup Services

Professional Makeup
We provide a one-stop solution for all beauty and cosmetic needs and offer a great range of services form Bridal, Media, Photo-shoot, Prom Makeup to any special occasion such as Halloween, Wedding & Party Makeup. Our flexible packages range from just makeup or hair styling sessions to extended packages, which include a touch up or a change of look for the reception.

A team of professional makeup artist are specially arrange base on their skills and availability from a wide database of Aery Jo alumni. We assure each make-up artist send out for job are professional well skill and equip with great attitude.

We offer fully Aery Jo Products use on our makeup service. Aery Jo products are high quality product made in Korea for professional make-up artist use. Makeup with Aery Jo products use will definitely last your makeup all day long.

我们提供全方位的美容及化妆的需求及提供多种类型的彩妆服务例如. 媒体彩妆,新娘彩妆,彩妆照片拍摄,舞会彩妆至任何特别场合例如. 万圣节彩妆,婚礼彩妆及派对彩妆. 我们的配套从只是彩妆服务或发型设计服务至全套服务.

我们会从Aery Jo 广泛的毕业生派出一队专业的彩妆师,经过详细安排根据他们的强项和时间调整安排给客户. 我们保证每个彩妆师都有专业的彩妆技巧及良好的态度. 我们的彩妆师只用Aery Jo彩妆产品在我们的彩妆服务。Aery Jo彩妆产品是韩国制造的高品质的产品特给专业的彩妆使用. 使用Aery Jo彩妆产品能让妆持续一整天.