Professional Makeup & Hair Styling Course

Professional Makeup & Hair Styling

The ultimate makeup course for those who are serious about a career in high fashion Makeup Artistry. Includes photographic and high-fashion makeup, hair styling, media makeup, bridal makeup and much more! The key skill learned in the in this course will help students to success in the industry and as well as inspiring them to move forward and discover other area of makeup artistry.

全方位彩妆课程是专为学生在化妆职业生涯中高档时尚的艺术性, 包括摄影妆,高级时尚妆,创意新娘化妆等等. 在学习这门课程的关键技能将帮助学生在同行业中成功, 以及激励他们向前和在其他区域高达艺术性.
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